Intelligent energy
is the future.  

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Middle and low voltage distribution grids

Installation of distribution grids

Substation construction is our second oldest activity. Our transmission line business was established by outsourcing the grid installation divisions of ÉMÁSZ. We construct aerial and cable grids from 0.4kV to 35kV, along with KÖF/0.4 kV OTR stations and BHTR stations. We undertake turnkey construction from substructure building to commissioning, providing all the necessary materials.

Our services

  • aerial cable installation
  • consumer-side cables
  • cable laying and fitting
  • OTR and BHTR installation
  • public lighting installation
  • cable replacement
  • cable error measurement
  • maintenance
  • troubleshooting

Our special equipment

  • Mercedes Actros + AD14 terrain mobile cranes
  • JCB earthworks machine
  • Mercedes off-road trucks
  • Unimog multi-purpose off-road trucks
  • Column and cable-drum transporting trailers
  • TEMA hydraulic cable winches and brakers
  • Toyota off-road vehicles
  • SEBA cable measurement car

Our customers

  • ELMÜ Nyrt.*
  • ÉMÁSZ Nyrt.*
  • E.ON Tiszántúli Áramhálózati Kft.*
  • EDF DÉMÁSZ Zrt.*
  • civil engineering and road construction companies

*pre-qualification available 


Contact persons

  • Törő Balázs
    Division Director
    SPIE Hungaria Kft.

    Mezőkövesd út 5-7.
    1116 Budapest

    Phone:+36 1-238-4899
    Fax:+36 1-238-4882
    Mobile:+36 20-665-6739

  • Horváth József
    Field Guide
    SPIE Hungaria Kft.

    Turul u. 3.
    3561 Felsőzsolca

    Phone:+36 46-535-922
    Fax:+36 46-535-930
    Mobile:+36 20-665-6721