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Public and decorative lighting

Planning lighting networks

Our planning activities cover public lighting networks (implemented in combination with public networks or independently), decorative lighting networks and industrial field lighting. Our planning services range from the replacement of lighting fixtures on existing consoles to the design of standalone candelabra networks.

Design activities

  • assessment and documentation of existing public lighting networks
  • photometric sizing 
  • reconstruction plans and studies
  • priced and unpriced budgets for public procurement
  • implementation plans

Installing and operating lighting networks

  • installing new public lighting networks
  • reconstruction of public lighting
  • operation of active and passive elements of public lighting
  • troubleshooting public lighting cables
  • installation and operation of field lighting

Decorative lighting

Our services include the installation of decorative lighting for buildings, monuments and statues, as well as the mounting, removal and maintenance of decorative Christmas lighting systems.

Special equipment for a height of up to 12-26 meters

  • Simon S-70
  • Simon PCA-150 2 x
  • Simon R-110 2 x
  • Ruthmann K 105
  • Ruthmann KS 80
  • Ruthmann T 130 B 3 x
  • Wumag WT220
  • Powered DA 110
  • Ruthmann Steiger 2 x
  • Versalift VO 350 MHI

Our customers

  • ELMÜ Nyrt.
  • ÉMÁSZ Nyrt.
  • Budapesti Dísz- és Közvilágítási Kft.
  • local governments
  • civil engineering and road construction companies


Contact persons

  • Horváth József
    Field Guide
    SPIE Hungaria Kft.

    Turul u. 3.
    3561 Felsőzsolca

    Phone:+36 46-535-922
    Fax:+36 46-535-930
    Mobile:+36 20-665-6721

  • Törő Balázs
    Division Director
    SPIE Hungaria Kft.

    Mezőkövesd út 5-7.
    1116 Budapest

    Phone:+36 1-238-4899
    Fax:+36 1-238-4882
    Mobile:+36 20-665-6739