Intelligent energy
is the future.  

Secure, efficient, cost-efficient. Energy infrastructure with SAG Hungaria.  

High voltage substations

Substation installation

When SAG was established in 1997, the initial activities of the company were designing and installing 120kV substations. Since then, our activities have been expanded with equipment and complete field maintenance. Our two largest customers are ELMÜ and ÉMÁSZ, with some other major customers including E.ON-owned electricity suppliers. In addition to numerous high/medium voltage and medium/medium voltage substations for suppliers, we have installed several industrial and power plant substations, including applications in renewable energy production. Our high level of expertise is guaranteed by our employees’ decades of combined experience.

Installation activities

  • architecture
  • installation
  • earthing network and lightning protection
  • traditional switching equipment
  • metal and gas sleeved switching equipment (including 120kV)
  • protection and control technology
  • consumption metering
  • auxiliary operation
  • radio controlled column switches
  • commissioning and maintenance of equipment
  • field-level maintenance

Our special equipment

  • SF6 gas handling and analyzing equipment
  • relay inspection devices
  • flow transitional resistance measuring devices
  • protection and grounding resistance measurement devices
  • SEBA cable measurement car

Our customers

  • ELMÜ Nyrt.*
  • ÉMÁSZ Nyrt.*
  • E.ON Észak-dunántúli Áramhálózati Kft.*
  • E.ON Dél-dunántúli Áramhálózati Kft.*
  • E.ON Tiszántúli Áramhálózati Kft.*
  • EDF DÉMÁSZ Zrt.*
  • OVIT Zrt.

*pre-qualification available


Contact persons

  • Mányoki László
    Division Director
    SPIE Hungaria Kft.

    Mezőkövesd út 5-7.
    1116 Budapest

    Phone:+36 1-238-4873
    Fax:+36 1-238-4859
    Mobile:+36 20-665-6755

  • György Zoltán
    Field Guide
    SPIE Hungaria Kft.

    Turul u. 3.
    3561 Felsőzsolca

    Phone:+36 46-535-946
    Fax:+36 46-535-930
    Mobile:+36 20-665-6678